Outlaw Candy

Sources of inspiration comes from all the things around us: fashion, culture, nature, ect. Fashion and travel are my guilty pleasures. I live in a city studio apartment and closet room is not cheap! So instead of using Mr. Visa (my sugar daddy of choice (and even he has his limits)), I am going to blog about everything that inspires me! free counters

  • Vintage Western Boots, Size 8.5


    Things they remind me of from childhood (because they are fabulous if you couldn’t tell):

    -Birthday Pony Rides and Ice Cream Cakes 

    -Western Wear Barbie (I actually didn’t have her but I imagine she had a red picnic plaid shirt, jeans, western chaps, and definitely a cowgirl hat). I did, however, have ‘Blinking Beauty,’ a white horse whose eyes blinked when you stroked her mane. 

    -Spinning around in dizzying circles is way more fun when you have fringe boots twirling in the wind with you before you fall down

    -Being the sassiest 5-10 year old around town!

    Drool fools, drool !  (or if you have 8.5 size shoes, buy away!)